When the Spirit Speaks

by Kimberly S. Brown

Lessons From The Garden

by Kimberly S. Brown

Appalachian Diary

When travel writer Elliott Turnbull, daughter one of the president’s most trusted advisors General Addison Turnbull, comes to the rescue of Marine Captain James Tovey during a camping and horseback riding trip to Monument Valley, little does either of them know how their lives will become entangled, and endangered!

The Bow Queen

Sharing the Story

The Rhythm and Rhyme of Life
Lessons From the Garden

Songs, poems, and stories to reflect the many seasons of human emotion. Share the sorrows and joys from youth to old age and all the stages in between. Fact and fantasy woven with love and loss in a way we all can understand.

My first book Appalachian Diary is now available on Amazon.com in print and for your Kindle.


© 1993

Wyoming in the early 1870s was a hard country with hard men. It was a perfect place for Harry Paxon, a line rider with a mysterious past, a fast gun, and a Texas Ranger’s badge on a torn piece of shirt as his only tie to a time that he would rather no one knew about. 

A fairy is born who is not like all the other fairies, and she must learn what her gift is while trying to understand that being different sometimes is the best gift of all!

The Rhythm and Rhyme of Life

by Kimberly S. Brown

The Bow Queen

by Kimberly S. Brown and

Allen P. Kershaw

You don’t actually have to plant, grow, and harvest to understand the lessons a garden can teach you. But who knows, by putting a few of these lesson to work, you might end up enjoying the fruits of your labor a little more each day.
And I’ve included a few family recipes that might give you food for thought, or just a happy experience in the kitchen.


by Kimberly S. Brown