When the Spirit Speaks

Chapter One — No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It seemed such a simple thing, but she should have known better. Airports were, after all, merely passing points, and if she had remembered that and just kept passing, she wouldn’t be jogging through Concourse B muttering under her breath “No good deed goes unpunished. No good deed goes unpunished” like a mantra.

Of course, she admitted with a small smile of acceptance that comes with knowing yourself, she usually brought these things on herself. When she was growing up her mother always said, “Elliott Turnbull, you couldn’t pass a wounded bird without trying to do something.”

And as an adult, someone always wanted to pour their troubles in her ears, which could be a royal pain, or could be very interesting.

While as a journalist she found that particular trait useful, personally Ellie had worked over the years to try and stay more detached from the people around her. Sometimes it even worked.

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