Lessons From the Garden

Sharing the Story

I have been blessed with a love of growing things. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to plant, tend, harvest, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Gardens, specifically vegetable gardens, are great teachers for life if you understand the lessons they produce along with your crops. Fortunately, there were women and men in my life who guided me in some of these lessons, even though it might have taken years before I understood the correlation between what was taught, and what I was supposed to learn.

For example: My dad’s mother Mamaw always raised a huge garden, then the women in the family would go down for harvest and canning. The resulting Mason jars of green beans would be distributed to enjoy through the winter. We didn’t do this from necessity as she had been forced to do while raising four kids in Eastern Kentucky during the Great Depression and in World War II when everything you could do to feed yourself was done. (When I later raised my own garden, my kids learned early in life the difference in “home canned’ and store bought, and knew which was better.)